To massage or not to massage?

One of the contributing factor to our hotel’s revenue is the “only gentlemen” spa. Meaning, it is open to all men of all sorts, educational background, race and creed. No ladies, sorry.

Friends asked me, “how much arr?”. I dont know, that’s my answer. But for the sake of better product knowledge, I “interviewed” the new Spa manager. Hey, he’s also from Ipoh.

Here’s the breakdown.

Rm88nett for full body massage.And i meant FULL BODY.

Using which bodypart to do the massage, you may ponder? I would let your imagination take over your creative mind. Besides body massage, you are entitle to use the lounge to while away the blues.

You also get to watch satellite TV programmes (Wah Lai Toi, most of the time..not interested in National Geographic).

Hungry? No problem. They have buffet line for you to salivate upon. Cigarettes, is on the house too.

How do you select the masseurs? No problem. Spa management will get the ladies to do catwalk (meoww) in front of you..sashaying and doing the mandatory “lip pouting”..Sorry but no “I want to save the world and make it a better place” remarks. 

Once done with the ‘selection process”, off go the new love-birds to one of the “barter” room.

For RM250nett, besides all the perks and privileges, the men get to “burn more calories” with the masseurs. Get the drift?

Now, how much does the Spa pay for the hotel’s room? It’s RM70nett or RM90nett.

The difference? For RM70nett, there’s no linen and bathtowels. Spa provide themselves. Why? We wouldnt want our linens and towels to be stained with massage oils and mens’ protein. Simple logic. Yes, we do provide the bed.

For RM90nett, besides the bed and divan, hotel will provide blanket as the masseur will stay overnite. Meaning, more income if more than 1 protein donors.


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