Feng Shui at work?

This the main entrance of the place where I work. In my many years of hotel experiences, I have never come across such decoration at the main entrance, more so a red cloth! I mean, RED.

When I first joined, I gingerly asked around those old timers whether I can take down the rather imposing decoration, and all I got was a resounding “No”. I was told not to change the good “feng shui” of the hotel.

I guess it does work in its own ways. I dont have a sales department to bring in sales, yet almost every month the hotel’s room revenues do bring smiles to the board of directors. And I only have an inventory of 100 odd rooms.

Friends from other 5 star hotels were equally surprised when I mentioned about our average room rate (ARR) which is comparable to 4 or 5 star hotels. Shocked, would be a more appropriate word.

Good feng shui?

Good feng shui?


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