Hygiene..what hygiene?

A malay woman once told me that she is a committee member of National Toilet Association. What association, again I asked, just to doubly confirm what I just heard.

Apparently, this association has been in existence long ago and I told her truthfully that cleanliness and hygiene especially public toilets, are really appalling. She could not agree more on this stinky truth.

It takes political will, education and awareness to really flush out this long standing complaint, according to her and to this, I have to agree with her.

What about my workplace? Truth be told, I faced gargantuan task of upgrading the image of this place when i first joined this establishment. Some of the problems I have to tackle…

Lobby toilet – graffities on the wall..please call 012 xxxxxxx if you need massage etc

Urinal bowl – clogged with urine..what else. Once there’s also nose picking with nostril hair stuck to the flush button!

Window – no blinds whatsoever..meaning whoever pee, it’s free show for those looking in.

Guest rooms – I once saw a mushroom sprouting from the ledge of the window. Totally speechless.

Guest lifts – guests spit onto the floor…arrghhh

Maid trolleys..once a guest cleared his throat and spat out his phlegm into the laundry bag!! Walked away and pretended nothing happened. My Housekeeper felt like asking the guest to swallow back his phlegm..No comments.

Smoke free areas – what? no way..guests smoke everywhere..in the elevators..at the lobby area..in the toilet..

I have no choice..but to line it before business

I have no choice..but to line it before business



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