Pre-milk, post-milk

I wake up at 0700 hours from mondays to fridays (in the past, even the siren of fire brigade couldn’t wake me up! honestly) to get myself prepared for work..and to get Celeste ready for school.

Job breakdown as follows:

Switch off the air-conditioner

Apply “smelly-no-more

Brush teeth

Cleanse face


Put on hair gel…then

Switch on 613..

Open the sliding glasss door for better ventilation

Milk for Celeste..not too hot and not too cold (darling’s specific instruction)

Get Celeste to change (eyes still shut)

Brush her teeth (eyes still shut)

Celeste watches cartoon while drinking milk

At 0745 hours, myself getting ready

At 0800 hours, off TV and Celeste put on her shoes

Off we go to our respective destinations…”daddy will come to fetch you, darling..”

Grouchy..before milk

Grouchy..before milk

Happy girl..after milk

Happy girl..after milk


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