Can i take your order, please

What soup do you want, darling?

“I want radish’s so yummy!”

Hence, last Sunday off we went to Jusco to get the essentials for dinner. I reckon it’s high time for me to whip some delicacies to warm ney and darlings’ stomachs.

Radish soup for darling

Marmite chicken for ney.

And I added “red-cooked soft beancurd ala Ah Boy”.. all times favourite of Ney..and last but not least, stir fry choy sum..

Tasted good or not is irrelevant..what counts is everyone sitting down together..watching Astro and having deletable dinner.

Love you both, ney and darling.

Golden hue..radish soup

Golden hue..radish soup

Ney's favourite..marmite chicken

Ney's favourite..marmite chicken

Red cooked soft beancurd

Red cooked soft beancurd


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