Scones..for life

Scones and a pot of tea, anyone?

Scones and a pot of tea, anyone?

I used to bake scones and ney loved it to bits. I guess homemade bakery stuff, taste better than those commercial ones..simply they were baked with love..

Remember, I am no professional baker, not even a novice baker at that. Just a boy who used to bake. Try it if you dare.

Important hint: Scones, like muffins do not like too much of handwork. Meaning, do not knead, play, whip or whatever with the batter/ dough for too long.

A light hand is in order..if not you will get stone-like texture like what happened to my mom’s. Dad said mom’s muffin can dent the wall until of course, I showed mom my baking mettle. She was impressed at the end of the day and I won dad’s approval.


Self-raising flour – 210g

Butter (cubed) – 50g

1 packet of raisins (black or otherwise works fine)

Mixture of 1 egg + milk (3/4 of a cup)

2 tablespoons of sugar

pinch of salt


Sieve flour with sugar and salt 

Then rub butter cubes into the flour. Should be crumbly

Put in the raisins

Slowly pour in egg+milk mixture. If can, use a fork to slowly work the dough.

Dough should be of uneven texture when done (dont over-work the dough)

Shape scones with cookie cutter. Egg wash for better sheen

Bake in oven (level 6) for approximately 30minutes

Serve hot with butter or strawberry jam .

Homemade strawberry jam: Roughly pulverize sweet strawberries with green apple. 


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