Love birds..with chequered shirts

I was young once..not that i feel old now. It’s just that whenever I meet new people, who are like 20 years my junior, it make my mind racing..prompting to ask myself what was it like 10 years ago.

Even 20 years..

During the early 90’s, I can…

…eat whatever i desire..where at present day, I eat mostly vegetables

…do split and kick rather decently…where at present day, I get cramps from walking up the stairs

…wear “S” size..where at present day, still wear “S” size. Vain pot, I know.

…sleep soundly..where at present day, I can’t sleep for long

 …wear the same chequered shirt with Carment and we looked like lovebirds!

Truth be told; the reason for this blog is to remind myself that at my present age, one can’t get away with certain things..such as wearing the same outfit with your other half and be cool about it.
Another reason is, I treasure this picture where I particularly loved the way Carment laughed.
Could it be my kiss? Or something that i whispered to her?
I love you ney. Always have. Always do.

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