Ah Boy’s mug shots

Evolution of Homo Sapien

Evolution of Homo Sapien

I am totally speechless. Period
Top row (left to right):
a) Ah Boy’s official photo for his first I/C. (Adoption theory could be true!)
b) Taken in year 1983..deeply in love (someone please slap me)
c) Taken in year 1988..still in love (just ignore the ’80 hairstyle)
Bottom row (left to right)
a) Taken in year 1989…working in Singapore (again, ignore the hair!)
b) Taken in year 1990…heartbroken (moral of the story? Don’t offence any females. Ever)
c) Taken in year 1994…evolution of Homo Sapien complete (still, hair was desperately out dated)
Important remarks to remember:
Carment said I didn’t resembled human being at all.
Celeste said, ” Daddy, something is wrong. Not look like you” (her actual words)

Ah Boy, present day

Ah Boy, present day


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