Traditional or Modern way?

The best part or rather the worst part of an up coming wedding is the “die-die-must-have” wedding photo session. I am guilty of that, I know. Thank you.

Being the typical Ah Boy of the 60’s era, my only reason of wanting a wedding photo session is, to capture my once-in-a-life-time life experience. 

Its to etch in my mind;  the journeys we took. The obstacles we faced. The laughter we shared. The tears we shed. For better or for worst. 

Old fashioned, you may say but at least I can flipped back the dusty pages of the album and reminisce the many hours we had to endure to capture the best of ourselves. Traditional or modern, mattered the least to me.

Yes, I was made to stand on stacks of yellow pages, next to Carment (to look taller, apparently) but it was kinda fun! Though Carment had her hair made up a couple of times (not me), to suit different moods, it suited me fine. No one knew how to comb my hair except for Ah Boy himself.

So traditional or modern? For me, I love the same woman.

Ah Boy with bird cage

Ah Boy with bird cage..


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