Interview.. the good, the bad and the ugly

Today I conducted a few interviews for the position of Hotel Front Office Assistant. To a layman, that’s basically a hotel receptionist.

To be a hotel receptionist, requirements are as follow; not in priority order.

  • Basic English, at least
  • Doesnt mind working shift
  • Computer literate
  • Good personal grooming and hygiene
  • SPM, at least

I could have miss out other relevant criterias but basically that’s what i am looking for, when conducting interviews.

Below are what transpired, which prompted me to blog about keep me sane.

a) Me: ‘How do you find working at your previous hotel’?

Candidate: ” I saw the address in the jobstreet”.

b) Me: “How do I address you”?

Candidate: “My home address? Its stated in my resume”.

c) Me: “Describe briefly about yourself…”

Candidate: “Boleh cakap Bahasa Malaysia tak”?

d) Me: “Why did you resign from your previous place”?

Candidate: “I didnt resign. They fired me”.

e) Me: “Do you mind working shifts”?

Candidate: “No problem sir. Do i need to work overnight’?

f) Me: “If you are hired, how do you come to work since you dont have license”?

Candidate: “Dont worry sir.I have motorcycle”

g) Me: “Are you comfortable with computer”?

Candidate: “Not a problem at all. I play PS3 all the time”.

h) Me: “Hotel does not provide accommodation nor transportation…”

Candidate: “How arr”?

i) Me: “Do you have drinking problem”? (breath smell of alcohol)

Candidate: “No sir. I dont have money to drink”


Interview anyone?


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