Life celebration of Alvin Choong

I attended a funeral wake last saturday, August 8 09. A friend of mine, Alvin passed on, the day before at University Malaya.

He was supposedly gotten his pacemaker replaced in a couple of days and I was told he was in great spirit. I assumed that  he was anticipating a new lease of life; never expecting he will be forever 29 years young.

During the wake, his aunt remarked Alwin was a simple boy noting how little belongings he had. Only a small luggage and a orange duffel bag.

How simple, I thought until we came across a stack of photographs of Alvin and I was happy to know he lived his life with a sense of purpose, though he had many mountains and valleys to overcome.

A sense of relief overcame me and i shed tears of joy. I am happy for you, Alvin. All of us are.

He was so full of life ; never pretentious and literally a joker. He made us laughed with his antics and his spontaneous dry wicked sense of humour.

We laughed with him.

We laughed at him.

And yes, we laughed together.

Those who knew Alwin, I ask of you not to remember how Alvin passed away. Instead, remember how he lived his life and how he touched your life, albeit we only knew him for a few good months.

These was how Alvin celebrated his life;

He disliked wearing tie.

He adored navy blue shirt. Occasionally black.

He read only chinese newspaper. Sports and gossip sections.

He brought extra work attire as he perspired easily.

A diplomatic drunkard. Kept to himself when drunk

Yong tau foo or Chicken rice

Chicken rice or yong tau foo

Spiky hair-do

No English. Malay boleh lah. Chinese, of course lah. Still, Alvin was top sales person.

Alvin, we love you the way you were and we thank you.

Thank you for the jokes.

Thank you for your friendship.

Most importantly, thank you for being you.

Alvin and colleagues..tossing for prosperity

Alvin and colleagues..tossing for prosperity







Happy days with Alvin

Happy days with Alvin



2 thoughts on “Life celebration of Alvin Choong

  1. hrmmmmmmm so many things to say but nothing comeout..just that alvin we will miss u sooo much always will remeber ur joke..”jgn tanya jiran”hahaha suke usik org punya ROTG!just have a gud rest up there n dunt wori we down here will never forget u :o)

  2. I believe Alvin have a passion to help people enjoy their lives. I didnt spent alot of time with him but i know he is performing well to enjoy life. The key word is “MY LIFE” “ENJOY EVERYDAY LIFE”.
    Smile and Laugh… it makes “Alvin” and everyone around you feel better!

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