When I first came across TTYL, i innocently asked what does it stands for?

Apparently TTYL stands for “talk to you later”!! Whatever happens to good ole days of proper communication? I guess we can’t shy away from the advancement of technology which indirectly or even directly responsible for the birth of “netlingo”.

During the good ole days, we used manual typewriter instead of laptop

We used leg – peddled sewing machine instead of eletrical sewing machine

We boiled water using gas stove instead of  automatic kettle.

We played “donkey kong” instead of PS3

We drove Datsun 130Y instead of “non-leaded powered car”

We used “odorono” anti-perspirant instead of cyrstal-based deodorant

We drank flat kopi susu instead of Latte (long or short, doesnt matter)

Now coming back to Netlingo.. I guess i have to embrace it gingerly and use it as a bonding experience with Celeste, when she grows up.

To remind myself, i have compiled a list of Netlingo for “fyeo”. Not in alphabetical order, here goes;

UG2BK – You got to be kidding

GBTW – get back to work

NMP – not my problem

PIR – parent in room

GFTD – gone for the day

FYEO – for your eyes only

BI5 – back in 5 minutes

DEGT – dont even go there

BIL – boss is listening

PAW – parents are watching

99 – parents are no longer watching

PCM – please call me

IMS – i am sorry

TOY – thinking of you

KUTGW – keep up the good work

CID – consider it done (not criminal investigation department)

FWIW – for what it’s worth

GNOC – get naked on camera

HAND – have a nice day

IAT – i am tired

IMO – in my opinion

NRN – no response necessary

ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing

SWDYT – so what do you think?

WDYM – what do you mean?

WOMBAT – waste of money, brain and time

4COL – for crying out loud

WRUD – what are you doing

LMIRL – let’s meet in real life

HBU – how about you?

^5 – High 5

I guess that’s enough for the day as it make me wanting to catch forty winks. HAND and NRN..


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