Close encounter of the winged type

Before full bloom

Before full bloom

Barbie dolls..ahhhh…every little girls’ wish list.  During my time, no toys whatsoever. My mom placed me in a box and i can amused myself silly the whole day. I played with chick and other fowls.

No barbie dolls nor even transformers.

My time? It was the era of Godzilla and Astro boy.

No barbie dolls

No barbie




In Celeste’s case, she got her barbie doll from Toy r’us Singapore. Courtesy from Shin, Celeste’s aunt. Her doting aunt.

But wait, it wasnt any of the “off the shelf” Barbie doll type for Celeste.

It has wings. Wings which magically flap open at the press of a release shutter at the back.

Now, lets meet Barbie Mariposa…

Ready to take flight

Ready to take flight


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