It’s too late when it’s late

The passing of a great storyteller..

Great storyteller

Great storyteller

Yasmin Ahmad passed away over the weekend due to internal bleeding of the brain. Everyone was caught by surprise by her demise.

Though I dont know Yasmin Ahmad personally, but I am sure most of us can relate to her “muhibbah” Petronas commercials, where they showed Malaysians  can live with each other harmoniously, albeit of different races and religious beliefs. They were often short parables about malaysian lives that make us cry and laugh but they also gently nudged us to ponder on ourselves.

While reading the star newspaper today, I read that one of her close friends regretted of not having kept in touch or make an effort to visit her despite their work places are just next to each other.

The person took it for granted thinking that the late Yasmin Ahmad will be around for a long time until news of her death gripped the headlines.

I guess everyone of us at some point of time, do take things for granted; assuming that it will never happen to us.

We played pretentious mind games

We gave excuses

We lied to ourselves

We comforted ourselves into believing that we have plenty of time to do what we are suppose to do for our love ones. Until the day comes. 

Life is no doubt short, but lets make it a journey memorable enough to share with our love ones.

Rest in peace, Yasmin

p/s One of my favourite commercial by Yasmin for Merdeka celebration was “Tan Hong Ming in love”. In a nutshell, this little chinese boy was in love with Umi, a malay friend of his. When asked, Tan said he doesnt want Umi to know as he was afraid the whole world would laugh at him. Then when Umi was asked, she declared that Tan is her boyfriend. Expression on Tan’s face was so innocently delighted! Check out youtube.

Moral of the story? Children are colour blind. They dont care what race you are from. I guess us adults have much to learn from children. Learn to love each other and make humanity cool again

Boy in love

Boy in love