Wolverine I am..so i wish

Who wants to be a superhero? I for one, wish i was Man of Steel aka Superman during younger days. Then again, the thought of having to wear spandex on the outside finally diminished as I grew older. And wiser. That is until Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine clawed into silver screen.

Literally, to my humble opinion Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. Though i am a bloke, i so wished i have physique like him.

Hugh’s physique was so animal-like in Wolverine. I guess he really worked his derrier off, to achieve the desired effect as Wolverine.

Wolverine doesnt need a cape to save the world. He has his adamantium claws to do justice, and of course his self-healing capabilities. He is generally depicted as a loner and considered to be an anti-hero because of his willingness to use violence as adjuncts to his trade craft.

His long running catchphrase best sums up his personal philosophy, ” I am the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice”.

"What I do isn't very nice"

"What I do isn't very nice"













I for one, wish there will be more Wolverine movies, instead of X – men (getting jaded)


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