Donnie Yen, you rock!

Bruce Lee was my childhood hero. Now its Donnie Yen. I would not miss movies with Donnie in it. Why?

Of all the current kung fu / action movie stars, I prefer Donnie’s way of fighting. Be it a punch or a kick, Donnie sets himself apart from others. Then agian, this is only my humble opinion and i am entitle to it.

I was elated when Ip Man, the movie won the best film in recent Hong Kong film festival. And Donnie played the title character effortlessly. Of course, I do know for a fact that he hardly execute his famous aerial kicks but his execution and interpretation of Wing Chun moves were simply out of this world. Awesome.

Recently my wife told me that Donnie is quite an accomplished pianist himself!

Now, who say martial artists are all brawn and no brain?

One verdict. Go watch this movie if you are a fan of Donnie.

Official movie poster of Ip Man

Official movie poster of Ip Man

The man himself

The man himself


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