Ah boy’s love – hate relationship with Malaysian’s drivers

Malaysian’s drivers..what can we say about them? Tonnes, of course!

In a gist, Malaysian drivers are really 1st class..in its own way to make our lives miserable. Let me drive home the points, to see whether you can relate to them.

Along the journey, i will of course offer viable or even non viable solutions to make our daily journey on the road less stressful..

Abbreviation: MD – Malaysian drivers, not Managing director

a)MD, most of their right hands are invalid or cramped. Not into the habit of using indicator light when turning

Solution: Maybe car maker should manufacture cars without indicator lights, hence cars will be cheaper at cost.

b)Road hogging along highway, driving at 30kph whilst the speed limit is 90kph

Solution: Propose to government to only permit these drivers to use bicycle lanes, if there are such

c)Road hogging because driver digging their nose or talk sweet nothing to their sweeties, texting or talking on mobile

Solution: Car manufacturer to install gadget on car’ssteering wheel to emit electrical shock to jolt MD back to reality

d)When traffic light turn green, MD takes own sweet time to move car

Solution: Car manufacturer to install gadget to “auto-drive” car (like K.I.T.T in Knight Rider) upon traffic light turns green straight to JPJ. Back to school to re-learn undang undang

e)Tailgating your car as if the driver behind you wanting to rush for its own funeral

Solution: Car manufacturer to install “cow dung” launcher at the rear of car, which auto spray cow dung onto the windscreen of the tailgating car.

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