Ah boy wished he was there as well

Celebrating Siew's birthday in Singapore's MO hotel

Celebrating Siew's birthday in Singapore's MO hotel

(From left to right – Carment, Siew, Shin and Celeste. Standing behind with glasses, that’s Monica..)

Notice the barbie doll with wings, happily held by Celeste? Its courtesy of Celeste’s aunt, Shin.

Honestly, thats the 1st time I came across such doll with collapsible wings. Why do i say so?

Let me put it in simple lingua franca. What you see in the picture is, the wings are in their full glories. You can actually fold the wings into halves (top down) and to make it fully extended, there’s a release mechanism at the back of the barbie’s neck..

Cool eh? Dont know what they will come out with next time..

p/s Shin, thanks for the doll though. Celeste is really delighted with her new winged friend