Ah boy’s marmite chicken

Sorry i dont have pic to show at this stage. But, rest assured marmite lovers will like this receipe. Well, wife loves this dish. Whenever she craves for marmite chicken, off we go to Jaya jusco to get “bahan bahan”. Now, tuan tuan dan puan puan (ladies and gentlemen)..bahan bahan berikutnya adalah…following ingredients are;

a) 2 chicken drumsticks with skin on

2) 1.5 tablespoons of Marmite

3) 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of Maltose (malt sugar)

4) 1 tablespoon of soy sauce

5) 100 ml Water to dilute


Chopped chicked to bite size and marinate with dash of white pepper and soy sauce (30 min if time permits)

Heat oil to medium and deep fry the chicken pieces (4 to 5 mins)

Dish out once done. Reheat oil to smoking point. Deep fry again the chicken pieces (this way, the meat will be crispy outside and tender inside, hopefully)

Clean wok and heat work again. Pour in the sauce ingredients (honey and marmite, diluted with water)

Once sauce is boiling and of syrupy consistency, put in the deep-fried chicken pieces.

Stir quickly, ensuring chicken pieces are well coated with the sauce

Dish up when sauce almost dry up. Serve hot with steaming rice. Enjoy

Point to note: Dont be too generous with marmite as it tend to give bitter after taste


Ah boy’s morning without both C’s

Woke up at 5.30am today, albeit quite reluctant to do so. Why?

Wife and celeste are going for a short trip to Singapore. Purpose? Sister in law, VS insisted wife and celeste to visit her in the republic. Actually I am pretty alright with it, as Celeste has been acting strangely for the past days. She kept to herself and wasnt into the mood to answer questions! Both wife and myself are puzzled.

Both wife and celeste embarked on the journey at exactly 6.30am. Point of pickup was at Casa Ria, Cheras. Youngest sister in law’s, (Siew siew) friend came to pick them up.

At 10.30am, received sms from wife, saying that they have reached Singpore safely. Miss them already.

At 2.42pm, received another message from wife. They had lunch at “tim siu ee”..which is by the way, one of my favourite place to savour roast duck..yummylicious!!

Best of all, Celeste had her fingers manicured!! Mind you..she is only 5 years old and as usual, her aunt, Shin bought her another set of barbie doll, complete with wardrobe. Guess, celeste is going to ask me, as usual to assist her to dress up barbie. Not a difficult task and I dont mind at all.

Celeste, as long as you are happy, daddy will do anything for you.

Daddy misses you so much.

Daddy always look forward to fetch you from school and make your favourite snack, steam sweet corn..(jagung)

Its now almost 4pm and cant wait to punch out today. Desperately wanting to catch forty winks.

Most likely gonna cook myself, hokkien style beehoon, with lots of cabbage and mushroom.

To both C’s of my life, I love you both. See both of you on Sunday.

p/s Celeste, daddy is looking forward to watch you blow your newly acquired toy trumpet..courtesy of Shin