Ah Boy’s morning with Celeste

ThisĀ  morning as I foolishly assumed, is no different from other mornings. Heck!! I soon realised I was absurdly wrong. Celeste springs new surprises for me as she faithfully does every mornings.

Today, she insisted of donning her school attire all by herself and i totally forgot about it. Yesterday night, i suggested to Celeste that she should start wearing her uniform by herself and she excitedly agreed. And i blew it!! After she reluctantly disarmed the alarm clock, she gingerly went back to slumberland. As usual, i start to change her even though her eyes are shut tight.

Without warning, she opened her eyes and blurted out, “i can wear myself, daddy”. I know i dotted on her to bits but she means the world to me. What melts my heart this morning, was when she said I look handsome, after she expertly put on my tie. What makes it even meaningful, she selected the tie based on what i wanted to wear. The tie i am wearing today, was bought from G2000..and guess what, Celeste picked the tie!! Daddy loves you, Celeste..


my first post

This is my first post and honestly, i do feel like a virgin…Never have the habit of writing a personal dairy, more so, a web log.. Have been pondering over cups of white coffee whether to start a blog of my own. Well, here i am, attempting my first foray into world of blogs..